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ISIS Imposes Prison Sentence For Men Who Are Caught Wearing Skinny Jeans And Smoking

Anti-ISIS campaign group, Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently (RBSS), has released new information from the town of Raqqa, Syria.

According to reports, men who are caught wearing skinny jeans or listening to music on their cell phones will be forced to take an Islamic course and will be sent to prison. Their release will depend on their ability to pass a test. Those who pass will be freed. Those who fail will be fined and kept in prison until they do pass, according to the Daily Mail.

Raqqa resident, Jassem, told RBSS how many locals have fled the town because of the presence of ISIS:

“ISIS tightens penalties and uses the principle of intimidation in dealing with public, which led to the migration and escape of many people. Freedom of expression has become a crime, so you can not oppose a decision issued by the group. Otherwise you will be arrested on charges of violation of God’s law as its fighters claim, but they are far from this law.

“There is no difference between ISIS and Assad’s regime: bribery and favoritism are widespread within the group and play a major role, especially among the local members of the group.”

ISIS has also been conducting mass burnings of cigarette boxes. Billboards of burning human lungs have begun to appear around the town of Raqqa, in an effort to promote an anti-smoking campaign. The terror organization believes that smoking causes a “slow suicide” and therefore is imposing harsh penalties on those who are caught smoking.

Incredibly disturbing photos of an Islamic State school of terror have also emerged online. The students are shown seated in a school auditorium, wearing all black with their faces covered by balaclavas. The men, who appear to be teenagers, are holding the ISIS flag and are carrying large assault rifles. It is believed that this group of men is part of a graduating jihadi class.

Sources: Daily Mail

Photo: Daily Mail


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