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ISIS Forces Throw Gay Men Off Buildings In Iraq

Pictures have surfaced showing the Islamic extremist group ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) throwing three gay men from the top of a building in Iraq.

The incident occurred in Mosul, the largest city in Iraq under ISIS control, according to Daily Mail.

The newspaper reported that the men, dressed in blue tracksuits, were dangled over the edge of the 100-foot high building, before being allowed to fall to their deaths. In the unlikely event they survived, ISIS militants encouraged the watching crowd to stone the blindfolded victims to death.

Some of the pictures were too disturbing to print, Daily Mail wrote.

Women wearing the niqab, the full-length Muslim veil, were seen in the crowds. According to Daily Mail, ISIS permitted them to leave home specially to attend the execution.

ISIS has executed gay men in areas of Syria under its control in the same way, according to a CNN report following the publication of similar images in March.

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“LGBT people in Syria need help, and they need to be supported,” Nour, a gay rights activist, told CNN.

“We tried to reach out to some groups, international entities, and they said that LGBT people in Syria are not our priority,” he added.

Many have had to flee the country to avoid falling in to the hands of ISIS. Nour was hoping to secure asylum in the US, CNN stated.

Daily Mail reported that the large crowds seen in Mosul in the latest images showed that there was a high level of public support for the militants and their executions.

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However, other reports on the rule of ISIS in Mosul suggest that locals are far from supportive.

“In recent months, an atmosphere of repression and intimidation has grown, locals say,” the Guardian wrote in October 2014. “Isis has forced Christians and other minorities to leave the city. It has carried out public beheadings and shootings of individuals it considers a threat, including doctors, parliamentarians and ordinary citizens.”

The report noted that Muslim preachers who refused to swear loyalty to ISIS when they entered the city were placed under house arrest.

Sources: Daily MailCNNThe Guardian/ photo credit: Daily Mail


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