ISIS Militants Accidentally Blow Themselves Up


Roughly a dozen ISIS militants accidentally blew themselves up on March 13 in eastern Afghanistan while attempting to plant a bomb.

According to, at least one dozen militants were killed and another 21 were wounded after a bomb went off.

“They were attempting to move an IED to a crowded area of Achin, but it went off before they reached the planned place,” Attaullah Khogyani, spokesman for Nangarhar province’s governor, said.

According to Task & Purpose, there were no civilian casualties reported.

Afghan forces have been fighting Islamic State militants in recent months in the Nangarhar district of Achin, which is near the border of Pakistan.

On March 12, 24 militants were killed during an operation, according to a statement released by the Afghan army.

Sources: Military.comTask & Purpose / Photo credit:

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