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ISIS Fail Compilations Spread Online In Wake Of Jordanian Pilot's Murder (Video)

In response to the brutal publicized murder of Lt Moaz al-Kasasbeh, a Jordanian pilot, at the hands of terrorist group ISIS, videos of ISIS members accidentally blowing themselves up are starting to make their way around the Internet.

In videos that have started to go viral online, members of the Islamic State terrorist group are seen attempting certain actions but completely backfiring.

“One fighter blows himself up when his rocket launcher backfires, while another accidentally shoots a comrade with a machine gun,” The Daily Mail reports. “A third pulverises [sic] an entire room when he mistakenly detonates a bomb during a group photograph.”

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These clips are just some of the many floating around the Internet in the days since al-Kasasbeh’s gruesome murder. Reports say that the videos are being circulated to hit back at the group, and many of the clips have been made into compilations with game show-style music in the background. One compilation was even made to look like "America's Funniest Home Videos."

“Fighting Jihad for ISIS is nothing more then joining a murder squad killing innocent Muslims, Christians and others,” YouTube user As-salamu Alaykum reportedly wrote along with a compilation he posted. “Most of the victims are women and children. If you are a Muslim and think that the Prophet will reward you for this, you're up for a big surprise. Hell is what awaits you all. In the meantime, enjoy this video with real footage of jihadists killing themselves because they're just plain stupid.”

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The Internet has clearly responded strongly to the al-Kasasbeh’s murder, which was filmed by ISIS and released to the public, but the Jordanian government is taking revenge to an entirely new level. King Abdullah II has already waged war on the terrorist group, vowing to make the retaliation “harsh” and even saying he may lead airstrikes himself.

Source: Daily Mail, YouTube / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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