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ISIS Executes Two Men Accused of Being Spies and Publicly Flogs A Third Man For Drinking Wine (Photos)

Two men were recently executed by ISIS after being accused of being spies, and a third was publicly flogged for drinking wine. 

The executions of the alleged spies took place near the Syrian city of Raqqa. The two victims were accused of working for the Assad regime, according to the Daily Mail. Photos that have emerged online this week illustrate the horrific killings.

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One photo shows a group of ISIS fighters carrying weapons and surrounding the two victims, who are blindfolded and have their hands tied behind their backs. One of the men is seen kneeling in the dirt while a militant holds a gun to the back of his head. The next photo shows the fire from a gun blast and the victim fallen over into the dirt. The last photo shows a lifeless body sitting on top of a pile of dirt with his severed head resting on his neck.

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The punishment of the man accused of drinking wine was carried out in the city of Deir ez-Zor, Syria. A photo shows a large crowd of men and children gathered around a man with a megaphone who is reportedly reading the charges out loud. The speaker tells the crowd that alcohol consumption by Muslims is forbidden. The victim is shown holding his hands in front of his body while he is flogged. The last photo shows the victim embracing the man who conducted his punishment, which, according to the Daily Mail, is a gesture of forgiveness.

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ISIS continues to terrorize on a weekly basis. Just a few weeks ago, the terror organization executed a man for being gay by tossing him off the roof of a building. And a few weeks before that, ISIS burned a Jordanian pilot alive while he stood helpless in a cage.

Sources: Daily Mail / Photo Sources: Daily Mail


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