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ISIS Executes Man Accused Of Being A Spy

ISIS has released a video of the execution of a man believed to be named Ahmed Muhammad. Masked gunman are seen shooting Muhammad multiple times in the head and neck because he was accused of being a spy for Turkey.

Muhammad’s execution was released on video which has been titled "A Lesson To Be Learned," according to the Daily Mail. The video lasts for 40 seconds and appears to have movie-like sound effects and filmed in high definition.

The beginning of the video shows Muhammad sitting in a dark room at a table describing the charges against him.

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A still shot from the video shows Muhammad dressed in an orange jumpsuit, on his knees with four masked militants, wearing matching tan uniforms, holding guns and standing behind him.

Another shot shows Muhammad’s body lying on the ground while one of the four masked militants holds a gun towards his body at point blank range. Muhammad's hands appear to be tied together behind his back.

Just last month, ISIS released a video of 21 captured peshmerga fighters being held captive in cages. The footage shows the men in cages being paraded around town in the back of cars. The video concludes with the announcement that the men have been beheaded.

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In January, Jordanian pilot, Lt. Muath Al-Kaseasbeh, was put inside a cage and burned to death by ISIS. The execution was videotaped and released on social media.

Numerous videos of victims being beheaded by ISIS have been released in the past year. A few of the victims include James Foley who was beheaded in August, Steven Sotloff who was beheaded in September, and Alan Henning who was beheaded in October.

Multiple images have been released by ISIS in the past few months showing the executions of men accused of being gay. Many have been thrown off the rooftop of buildings and then stoned once they land on the ground.

Sources: Daily Mail / Photo: Daily Mail


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