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Report: ISIS Executes 15 Of Its Own Members

ISIS leaders executed 15 of the group's members for their failure to protect a senior ISIS member from an airstrike, a new report claims.

ISIS had 35 of its own members arrested April 2-3, according to the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights, which catalogs violence in the war-torn country.

Fifteen of them were put to death on April 3 for failing to protect Abu Hija al-Tunisi, who was killed in a coalition airstrike on March 30, according to Reuters.

The news follows similar reports indicating a breakdown in unity in ISIS ranks as warplanes from a U.S.-led coalition continue to pound the terrorist group's strongholds.

On April 4, ISIS members crucified at least eight men in the Syrian city of Raqqa, the de facto ISIS capital, Reuters reported. Those men were accused of trying to defect from or desert the terrorist group.

“The victims have been detained for nearly a year, before the group decided to execute them on Sunday [April 3],” a source told Reuters.

In mid-March, ISIS leaders executed six people who were accused of spying, as well as five others who were accused of drug trafficking, according to the regional ARA News.

The reports of ISIS turning against its own members began after the group began losing territory in Iraq -- where 40 percent of its former holdings were liberated, according to the U.S. military -- and in Syria.

Sources: Reuters, Reuters via International Business Times, ARA News / Photo credit: EA Worldview

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