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ISIS Reportedly Captures Yazidi Women To Be Sold As Sex Slaves (Video)

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In terrifying new footage, armed ISIS members appear to be dragging Yazidi women away from their families (video below). It’s believed the men will turn them into sex slaves.

The video, which was posted online by activists, shows a crowd of screaming Yazidis as they are separated by ISIS soldiers wearing all black and carrying assault rifles, Mirror reports.

The group appears to be in an apartment building in either Syria or Iraq, according to the International Business Times.

The girls try to cling to their parents, but some are torn away by their hair. Then they’re grouped together and threatened at gunpoint.

The black ISIS flag hangs from a balcony above the group of women and next to another group of jihadists. One of the men appears to be holding a rocket launcher.

It’s unclear what happened to the women following the incident.

According to Mirror, there have been reports in the past of ISIS forcing migration, executing rebels and making women into sex slaves. Those reports have mentioned systematic rape and forced abortions. Some women have allegedly turned to suicide in order to avoid the same fate.

The Kurdistan Regional Government paid ransoms to ISIS in order to release 2,500 Yazidi women and children, the International Business Times reported. Families with captured relatives had raised funds or connected with wealthy donors in order to free their loved ones. 

Sources: Mirror, International Business Times / Photo Credit: Facebook via Mirror

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