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ISIS Calls For Barron Trump's Assassination

ISIS Calls For Barron Trump's Assassination  Promo Image

A supporter of the ISIS has reportedly called for the assassination of first son Barron Trump. The terrorist organization has previously called for sympathetic lone wolves to make attempts on the lives of high-profile figures.

On Nov. 21, the Middle East Media Research Institute disclosed that an ISIS propagandist who went by the name Dak Al-Munafiqeen had urged followers online to assassinate President Donald Trump's youngest son, the Washington Free Beacon reports.

Al-Munafiqeen, whose name is Arabic for "striking the hypocrites," took to the social media application Telegram and purportedly shared a photograph of Barron Trump and a Google map coordinate of the school he attends.

The ISIS supporter added the hashtag "Handle the son of the mule of America."

"To widely disseminate the call for assassination, several pro-ISIS Telegram channels have shared and forwarded the post," MEMRI said in a statement.

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Barron, 11, has been largely kept out of the public eye after his father entered the White House. On Nov. 20, he and first lady Melania Trump were photographed together during the delivery of the White House Christmas Tree. On Nov. 21, the first son was spotted again alongside his parents as Trump conducted the annual Thanksgiving turkey-pardoning ceremony, according to USA Today.

On Oct. 11, former President George W. Bush's daughter, Jenna Bush, said she was angry about the media scrutiny of Barron Trump.

"The truth is, obviously, Barron Trump didn't ask his dad to run for president," Jenna Bush told People. "It wasn't his decision. And the same with Malia and Sasha [Obama] and Chelsea [Clinton] and all of us. We're supportive of our parents, but it's a job without guidelines, and it's one that none of us asked for, specifically."

ISIS supporters have called for the assassinations of other world figures. On Nov. 20, it was learned that the terrorist organization's Wafa' Media Foundation distributed posters depicting the beheading of Pope Francis, International Business Times reports.

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On Nov. 21, Iraqi Prime Minister Hadir Al-Abadi and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced that ISIS had been militarily defeated in Iraq and Syria. The terrorist organization's forces had exerted a stranglehold over broad swaths of both countries in 2014, according to Business Insider.

While ISIS has lost its base of operations in Iraq and Syria, it still exerts control over regions in across the African continent, Afghanistan, Libya and the Philippines.

The White House has not given an official response to the reported threats made against Barron Trump's life.

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