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Reports: ISIS All-Female Police Murder Mother For Breastfeeding Son In Public

Islamic State’s (ISIS) all-female police force the Al-Khansaa Brigade reportedly mutilated and murdered a mother after seeing her breastfeeding her son in public.

The group, which includes members from western European countries as well as the Middle East, has become notorious for ruthlessly enforcing ISIS’s interpretation of Islamic law in Raqqa, Syria, noted.

The mother was reportedly standing under a tree, and had tucked her baby under her burqa to conceal him from public view. But members of the brigade caught sight of her and meted out the punishment.

“An [ISIS] policewoman took the baby, gave it to another woman, and then killed the mother,” Aisha, a former Raqqa resident who since fled to Turkey, told the Sunday Times, according to

ISIS took to social media accounts following the incident, and they said that the woman had violated public decency.

Al-Khansaa was established approximately 18 months ago and is believed to have up to 60 members from Britain in its ranks.

The brigade has been known to target mothers. A widow, named Um Hamid, said that Al-Khansaa members demanded she give up her youngest daughters for marriage in exchange for food rations. She refused to do so.

Numerous reports have emerged over recent months of the hangings, crucifixions and other punishments imposed on the population of Raqqa, which is considered to be ISIS’s capital city.

According to Turkish media reports, Naji Jerf, a 38-year-old Syrian journalist who worked with the group Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently (RBSS) to report on ISIS atrocities, was assassinated in Turkey near the Syrian border Dec. 27, BBC reports. ISIS supporters in Turkey are the prime suspects in the murder.

Jerf was shot in broad daylight and police have opened an investigation into the killing. He produced a film about the killing of activists in the Syrian town of Aleppo, and another on the work of RBSS, which is the only independent news organization in Raqqa.

Citizen journalists for RBSS report on life under ISIS rule, even though the punishment for being part of the group is death.

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