Islamic State Group Accused Of Blowing Up Baby In Training Exercise

An Iraqi official has accused Islamic State group fighters of detonating explosives strapped to a baby during a recent training exercise.

According to Inquisitr, Islamic State group had murdered the baby’s father about two weeks earlier because he had allegedly killed several of the group's fighters.

“The organization booby-trapped the baby in front of dozens of armed Islamic State group men and then detonated it from afar,” said Sadiq el-Husseini, a security official in Diyala province, Iraq, reports Inquisitr.

Reports say this was done by a remote control device.

“The organization doesn’t care about the most basic human values,” el-Husseini added. “Their crimes are incalculable and the blowing up of the baby is the best proof to the threat of Islamic State group ideology to the state.”

El-Husseini alleged further that the event was aimed at training Islamic State group recruits.

“The booby-trapping of the baby was a training mission for Islamic State group to teach its elements the booby-trapping mechanisms,” he said.

As well as in training exercises, Islamic State group has used children as suicide bombers in attacks on its opponents.

Last week, Islamic State group reported via social media that a 14-year-old child suicide bomber killed 50 Kurdish fighters in northern Syria. The attack occurred at a checkpoint at a Kurdish base against which Islamic State group was trying to launch an offensive.

In June, a 17-year-old boy from the U.K. detonated a bomb at an oil refinery in Iraq. According to a Daily Mail report, this made him the youngest suicide bomber from the U.K.

Both children were driving trucks laden with explosives when the bombs went off.

In areas under its control, Islamic State group has established suicide bomber registers, Daily Mail’s report claimed. The organization selects from the lists those who will become "martyrs" for the cause, something which is viewed as a privilege in Islamic State group ideology.

Sources: Daily Mail, Inquisitr/ Photo credit: Daily Mail


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