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Transgender Prostitute Attacks Irish Tourist With Stiletto Heel After Being Denied

An Irish man on vacation in Thailand was slashed in the head by a transgender prostitute after he denied her sexual advances. Michael Merry, 55, was approached in Pattaya, Thailand, by Wichai Sripalang at about 3 a.m.

Inquisitr reported that Sripalang approached Merry outside of a bar and started flirting with him. Merry repeatedly denied her advances but the 24-year-old Sripalang continued in her advances, witneses claimed.

After several denials by Merry, Sripalang reportedly wrapped her arms around Merry and molested him.

Merry then pushed her off and she fell to the ground. Sripalang removed one of her stiletto shoes and hacked Merry in the head. Merry sustained a deep gash in his head and was bleeding considerably.

The police arrived and medics tended to Merry’s wound. Police questioned Sripalang and she admitted to attacking Merry.

Merry explained to police that he had no interest in men so he shoved Sripalang off after she refused to leave him alone.

Pol Maj Piyapong Ensarn, who is an inspector in the Pattaya tourist police force, said, “The transgender woman who approached him and offered sexual services, he declined the offer but she then put her arms around him and molested him.

“This annoyed him and he shoved her away, causing her to fall to the ground,” he continued. “When she stood up she took of one of her shoes, and used it to hit the victim over the head.”

According to Thai Visa News, transgender residents often prey on tourists in Pattaya. They allegedly rob and offer sexual services to tourists.

Police said Sripalang would only face a harsh fine.

Sources: Inquisitr, Daily Mail

Photo Source: Mirror, Irish Mirror


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