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Irish Boxer Fights Angry Mob Of Turkish Shopkeepers (Video)

A video (below) of an incredible street fight between an Irish tourist and a mob of angry Turkish shopkeepers has surfaced and gone viral.

The surveillance footage shows the Irish man taking on several men as they attack him, some with weapons.

The altercation started when the Irish tourist opened a refrigerator in a store in Istanbul, causing all of the water bottles inside to spill out into the street, reports the Mirror. The situation escalated and the shopkeeper hit the man with a stick.

Other shop owners ran out into the street to help their neighbor, but unfortunately for them, the Irish tourist is a trained boxer.

The boxer dodged punches and kicks, while fighting back in defense. At one point in the video, he punches a man in the face so hard he immediately hits the ground.

The Irish boxer was later revealed to be Mohammed Fadel Dobbous.

Sources: Mirror, YouTube / Photo credit: Mirror


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