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'Iranian-Backed' Militia Reportedly Burn ISIS Supporter Alive (Video)

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An alleged supporter of the Islamic State (ISIS) is seen burning alive at the hands of Shia fighters in Iraq in a new video (below).

The footage was shared on various social media sites with the hashtag “burning a young Sunni,” the Daily Mail reported. 

A young man is shown in the video, partly dressed and tied up over a fire. Supposed “Iranian-backed” militia, known as Popular Mobilization Units, taunt the young man and accuse him of being a supporter of ISIS (or “Daesh,” a local term for the terrorist group) as he burns.

The Popular Mobilization Units, also called the People's Mobilization Forces, were formed with help from Iran after Iraq's national army deteriorated following an encounter with ISIS, according to the Daily Mail.

The gruesome video appears to be a reenactment of footage released earlier this year by ISIS, which featured a Jordanian pilot who was burned alive and crushed under a bulldozer.

The fate of the man in the more recent video is unknown, as it cuts off abruptly.

The Shia and Sunni Muslims have been at odds throughout history and are a driving force behind the unrest in the Middle East. While Shia Muslims worship imams like Catholics worship saints, Sunni Muslims have a more strict perspective of Islam and believe such worship is forbidden.

Sources: Daily Mail, Israel National News, Bare Naked Islam / Photo credit: YouTube


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