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Iran Official Says Trump Could Trigger A World War

The Iranian defense minister says President-elect Donald Trump risks inciting a world war and destroying Israel if he carries out the threats expressed while on the campaign trail.

"Any commander-in-chief worthy of defending this nation should be prepared to stand up on 20 January 2017 [inauguration day] and rip to shreds this catastrophic deal," Trump said in September 2015 of the nuclear pact signed by President Barack Obama, the Daily Mail reports.

The pact lifted international sanctions on Iran's oil and finance industries after Iran agreed to limit its nuclear program.

It's a deal that Trump has called "the worst deal ever negotiated," prompting some concerns he may try to cancel it.

"Even though a businessman, the assistants that [Trump] has chosen may map a different path for him, and this has led to unease, particularly among Persian Gulf countries," Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan said.

"Enemies may want to impose a war on us based on false calculations and only taking into consideration their material capabilities," added Dehghan. "Such a war would mean the destruction of the Zionist regime [Israel] ... and will engulf the whole region and could lead to a world war. Among other consequences of the war, would be the destruction of the city-states on the southern shore of the Persian Gulf, because they lack popular support."

Dehghan believes there is a chance Trump will not carry out the promises he made during his campaign.

"Considering Trump's character and that he measures the cost of everything in dollars, it does not seem likely that he would take strong action against our country," he said.

John Brennan, the outgoing director of the CIA, echoed Dehghan's statements about Trump's desire to break the nuclear pact.

"[It] could lead to a weapons program inside of Iran that could lead other states in the region to embark on their own programs with military conflict, so I think it would be the height of folly if the next administration were to tear up that agreement," said Brennan.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu supports Trump's opposition to the nuclear pact and disagrees the Trump presidency will be bad for Israel.

"I know Donald Trump," Netanyahu said, Reuters reports. "And I think his attitude, his support for Israel is clear. He feels very warmly about the Jewish state, about the Jewish people."

Sources: Daily Mail, Reuters / Photo credit: Vadim Savitsky/TASS via Daily Mail

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