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Inventor Builds Flying 'Iron Man' Suit (Video)

Entrepreneur and inventor Richard Browning spent 10 months building a flying "Iron Man" suit in his garage in Salisbury, England.

A video (below) demonstrating his trials and errors was released by his technology start-up company, Gravity, on March 30.

The Daily Mail reports that Browning adds and moves small gas turbine engines to various parts of his body in an effort to find the best location combination. He finally settles on placing four engines on his arms and two on his hips.

According to Browning, his specially designed exoskeletal suit can fly hundreds of miles per hour and thousands of feet.

In the video, Browning is only seen hovering a few feet above the ground. Still, the ex-Royal Marine reservist is able to use his body to steer himself as the six miniaturized jet engines loudly gush air, just like the Marvel Comics character "Iron Man" (aka Tony Stark).

Browning told the Daily Mail that his suit, Daedalus, is a major advancement in flight technology:

This is a momentous point in aviation history. Daedalus is simply the beginning of a core technology that has endless potential in aviation, commercial and entertainment applications.

I have aeronautics in my blood. My grandfather instructed on WW2 Hurricanes, and the other was Chairman of Westland Helicopters. My father was an aeronautical engineer and an innovator too.

We've already had a few comparisons to Tony Stark, but this is real-world aeronautical innovation.

We are serious about building a world-changing technology business. We stand at the very beginning of what human propulsion systems will do. It's at the same point as the mobile phone was in the early- to mid-'80s or the internet of the early '90s -- and I have to say, it's phenomenally exciting.

Browning's company website lays out his future plans:

Gravity has gone from a audacious dream to a patent pending technology powering the worlds first human propulsion flight, all in less than 12 months.

Our vision is to build an entirely new generation of human flight systems for commercial, military and entertainment applications.

Founded by Richard Browning in March 2017, Gravity Industries is a British technology start-up with innovation, endeavor and inspiration at its core.

Our mission is to build an inspirational technology company by re-imagining the future of human flight and pioneering aeronautical innovation.

Gravity is looking for world class engineers, marketers, investors and athletes to help shape the future of manned flight.

Sources:, Daily Mail, Gravity / Photo Credit: Bruno Sanchez-Andrade Nuno/Flickr

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