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Infant Girl Found Inside Suitcase After Employee Heard Her Crying

A newborn baby girl was found stuffed inside a suitcase after a hotel employee heard her crying.

A man was reportedly loitering in a hotel lobby in the Henan province of eastern China when employees noticed him. The man was standing next to a woman and acting suspicious.

Initially, it was believed that both the man and woman, known only as Ding and Zhao, were child traffickers. However, it has since been established that the man is the child’s father.

A hotel employee reported the suspicious pair after it was discovered that the baby had been hidden underneath clothing in the suitcase.

When police arrived, both Ding and Zhao were arrested. The baby was taken to the hospital where it was confirmed that she was healthy.

The child’s parents live in a poor rural village and were unable to raise the child, according to police, especially since the girl’s mother is mentally disabled.

It’s believed that Ding and Zhao were discussing the specifics of an adoption. However, police are still investigating the case.

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Sources: DailyMail, Sina English

Photo Credit: Sina English 


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