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Indonesian Couple Reportedly Eat Wife's Alleged Rapist's Genitals

A newlywed couple in Indonesia have been arrested over claims they ate the genitals of the woman's alleged rapist.

Police on Nov. 17 said Nuriah Efendi's husband, Rudi, murdered the man his wife said had raped her and dismembered his private parts, according to AFP.

The victim, who once dated Nuriah, was found dead in October in a burned-out van after a suspected revenge attack prompted by claims from the wife that she was raped the week before her wedding.

"I was so outraged," Rudi told reporters after his arrest last month.

Rudi, 30, confessed to murdering the man after he discovered his wife Nuriah, 20, was not a virgin on their wedding night in September. He was told of the alleged rape, but insisted he was the only person responsible for the murder and the act that followed.

According to authorities, Rudi instructed his wife to contact the victim and to set up a meeting. Upon arriving, the victim only found Rudi. Rudi then allegedly proceeded to stab the man to death and cut off his genitals before setting the vehicle on fire. 

Police say Rudi took home the victim's severed genitals after murdering him and ordered his wife to cook them, and the pair then ate them together.

Rudi added that eating the victim's genitals was "to cure my heartache."

"The case is still under investigation but we strongly suspect that this is a premeditated murder," a local police spokeswoman, named as Sulistyaningsih, told AFP.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Diplomatic Security, 11,776 violent crimes were reported in Indonesia in 2014. Most those crimes were burglaries and vehicle thefts, while only 68 murders and 63 rapes were reported.

Sources: AFPBureau of Diplomatic Security / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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