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Indian Woman Beats Attacker And Drags Him To The Police Station While Onlookers Do Nothing

Pradnya Mandhare, 20, says she was attacked by a drunk man in broad daylight, but not a single bystander intervened to help her.

Mandhare, a media student at Sathaye College in Mumbai, India, was at a busy train station when Chavan Chowdee, 25, accosted her, the Daily Mail reported.

“I was really shocked when he came up and just started groping me, and I try to get away from him but he grabbed me then,” Mandhare said. “The only thing to do because nobody else was doing anything was to hit him and so I belted him with my bag.

"He tried to hit me back and he really stunk of alcohol, but I was determined not to let him get away with it. I know that women don't like to complain to the police but I was determined to make sure he was punished.”

Mandhare says she grabbed Chowdee by the hair and dragged him to the police station. 

“He was telling me to let go and that he would come with me voluntarily, but I didn't trust him and continued to pull him along. I finally managed to hand him over to the police without getting any help from anyone.”

Chowdee, who is reportedly an alcoholic and a drug addict, was arrested and in custody, although he hasn’t been charged with a crime.

Mandhare was modest about bringing her attacker to justice. “I don't see myself as a heroine but I also think we should make a stand and let men know they can't just do what they want and treated like objects to be groped whenever they feel like it,” she said.

“I also asked the police officers to teach the accused a lesson so that he would not dare to molest a woman ever again.”

Mandhare encouraged other women and their families to report violence, sexual or otherwise. “Parents of girls also think that going to a police station would tarnish their daughter's reputation,” she said. “But, women should raise their voice and teach such people a lesson. Women are not objects for anyone to touch at will.”

Source: Daily Mail

Image Credit: Supplied via Daily Mail


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