Indian Girl Beats Man For Harassing Her Inside Of Police Station (Video)

For cat-callers in India, Sanjana, a Class 11 student from the state of Uttar Pradesh, is the wrong girl to mess with. A video (below) has been released online featuring Sanjana kicking and slapping a boy, identified as Ankit, after he allegedly harassed her. 

In the video, Sanjana, who delivers the beating under the watchful eye of a police man, hits the boy while inside the police station. Though the boy apologizes for harassing her and falls to her feet, she doesn’t relent -- in fact, she twists his arm. She then takes off her shoe and hits him with it.

Sanjana repeatedly asks the boy if he will ever harass someone again, NDTV reported. 

Ankit was allegedly notorious for hassling local women, and when Sanjana realized who was following her, she dragged him into the police station. The city of Pilibhit’s Superintendent of Police JK Shahi told the International Business Times that he would launch an investigation into the matter.

Sources: International Business Times, NDTV

Image via NDTV


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