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'I Had Enough': Woman Reports Builders Who Whistled At Her In The Street To Police

A woman in Worcester City in England has had enough after a group of construction workers kept whistling at her and she decided to do something about it.

Poppy Smart, 23, was on her way to work when a group of builders decided to try to engage her in conversation.

“One of the guys got up in my face and all he said was ‘morning love,’ but it was in a very aggressive way and the other one sneered,” Smart told BBC Newsbeat. “They blocked the (sidewalk) and I had to walk around them.”

Smart reported the incident to the West Mercia Police, who then questioned the building company about the alleged sexual harassment.

“Every day I’d walk walk past and they’d wolf whistle,” Smart told BBC Newsbeat. “They’d even come out of the building site to wolf whistle as I’d continue down the road.”

Smart said she tried to ignore the harassment, but eventually, enough was enough.

“I started wearing sunglasses so I didn’t have to look at them,” the marketing coordinator explained. “I started putting headphones on so I didn’t have to hear them. Eventually it got to the day where I had enough.”

“It made me feel really uncomfortable and the fact it went on for so long was the main reason I reported it,” Smart continued. “If it had just been an isolated incident — one, two, three, four times — maybe I could probably brush it off because these things happen and you have to kind of accept these people’s ignorance.”

Police told BBC Newsbeat they looked into the incident, but it’s more of a matter for the builder’s employers to deal with.

Smart said she spoke with the owner of the building site.

“He just sort of apologized. He obviously can’t control all of his staff all of the time and I appreciated that,” she said. “I just wanted them to realize it is offensive and I wanted it to stop.”

Smart called the antic “incredibly old fashioned,” and said she is not alone in this, reports BuzzFeed.

“The fact it’s happened to so many of my friends, it obviously happens to a lot of women and we’ve learned to deal with it as second nature,” Smart said.

While some people supported Smart’s decision to report the catcalling to the police, Twitter user @Larissaach22 called it "ridiculous." She tweeted:

I hope #PoppySmart got charged with wasting police time, how ridiculous; and really.. Front page news.

Still, Smart believes she did the right thing and hopes her actions will encourage other women to follow suit.

“I’ve noticed this behavior more and more around the city,” Smart said. “I think more women should speak about this behavior — maybe it will make people think twice.”

Sources: BuzzFeed NewsBBC

Photo Credit: BBC


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