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Hysterical Mother Threatens To Drown Her Daughter In River To 'Teach Her A Lesson' (Video)


Most parents ground their kids or take away their electronics when they are failing at school, but for one unfortunate student, her mother nearly drowned her in the river (video below).

An enraged mother in Chaozhou, Guangdong province, China reportedly threatened to drop her daughter in the river while pushing her in the water to “teach her a lesson,” according to Daily Mail.

The story was first reported by, an affiliate of People’s Daily, after the unsettling footage emerged online.

Mr. Wei, one of the witnesses, said the girl’s mother told troubled passersby her daughter had threatened to kill herself every time she tried to educate her, so she was teaching her a lesson.

The woman then started yelling at onlookers telling them they don't know how hard it is to raise a child, and asking for advice on what to do to discipline the girl.

The teenage girl was being punished because she got bad grades in school, according to local media.

In the 60-second clip that was uploaded to the Internet, the mother, wearing a pink top, is stooping with another woman and grasping onto the girl with her hands, screaming at her, over the river while cars pass by and honk.

After about 20 seconds, the distraught teen is pulled out of the water and onto the ledge while her frantic mom continues to scream at her.

The mother then continues to push her into the water, feet first. Fortunately, it isn’t deep and only reaches her knees.

During the whole ordeal of the woman shouting and dangling her daughter into the river, she never lets go.

After scaring her straight, the three women leave the river and the girl seems to be unhurt.

Sources: Daily Mail,,YouTube / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube

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