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Husband Finds Wife Dead After Late Night Car Crash


A British husband found the body of his new wife at the scene of a car accident after going out to look for her when she failed to return home.

Nathan Symes, 29, came across the accident in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England, after deciding to search for his wife, Sinead Hare, 28, when she didn’t come home, The Guardian reports. Hare is thought to have died when her car overturned on the afternoon of October 4, but she wasn't found until after midnight on October 5, local police said.

“Sinead was a gorgeous, caring and trustworthy person, whilst also being a truly independent woman who just enjoyed having fun, and whose smile and laughter was infectious with anyone she came across,” Symes said in a statement. The young father also spoke to his late wife’s role as a mother to their daughter. 

”She was the most fantastic and dedicated mum to our beautiful daughter to Orla Rose, for whom I am eternally grateful for and I vow that Orla Rose will grow up knowing her mummy,” he said. 

“I am so proud and [honored] that although Sinead and I were together for almost seven years, I was able to call her my wife for 106 days. Sinead will always be a part of me and she has made me a better person just for knowing her."

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"There is now a massive hole in our family due to Sinead leaving us that will never be filled. However, neither I, nor Orla Rose, will ever forget her. We will continue to love her forever and always.”

Police still don't know the cause of the accident, reports the Mirror.

Sources: Mirror, The Guardian / Photo credit: The Guardian, Mirror


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