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Man Finds Male Nurse Having Sex With His Wife's Corpse

Man Finds Male Nurse Having Sex With His Wife's Corpse Promo Image

A male nurse in Bolivia has been arrested after he was caught having sex with a dead woman's body.

The nurse was identified as 27-year-old Grover Macuchapi, the Daily Mail reported. He was caught having sex with a deceased woman's body by the woman's husband.

The widower reportedly beat Macuchapi before turning him over to the authorities in La Paz. The 28-year-old female patient, whose name was not released, died at a hospital on Oct. 16. The abuse is believed to have occurred just one hour after the patient died and was transferred to the hospital morgue, according to Police Chief Douglas Uzquiano.

"Relatives of the dead woman had gone to the hospital to cancel a debt they had for the medical treatment she received," Uzquiano said in a statement obtained by the Daily Mail. "The husband went to the morgue and saw a male nurse having sex with his late wife."

"I saw what he was doing and hit him," the patient's husband, whose name was also not released, told a local newspaper. "He was moving and he had his trousers down."

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Macuchapi said he felt as if he was in some sort of trance at the time of the incident.

"Something happened. It was like a dream," the nurse was quoted as saying. "The next thing I remember was feeling a blow from behind when the woman's husband hit me."

Macuchapi is now facing charges of profaning a corpse and obscene acts. He was not charged with necrophilia because the crime doesn't exist under Peruvian law, prosecutors said.

The incident comes just months after police arrested a man in Argentina who was accused of breaking into a hospital morgue to have sex with a dead woman's body. The 22-year-old told police he committed the crime out of an "insatiable desire to have sex in the hospital."

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Hospital staff walked in on the man, who had taken a 41-year-old's body out from one of the freezers. He was seen standing over the corpse with his pants around his ankles. He made no attempts to resist arrest when authorities arrived at the scene.

In 2013, Alejandro Razo, a male nurse in Los Angeles, was caught having sex with the deceased body of an elderly woman he provided care for at Sherman Oaks Hospital, HuffPost reported. Another nurse walked in and saw Razo, who was 62 at the time, "with his pants down, having sexual contact with the woman’s corpse,” according to a statement from the  Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office.

The woman, who was 82 at the time, had been assigned to Razo and died a day later of natural causes.

Razo was sentenced to two years in state prison. He was ordered by Superior Court Judge Thomas Rubinson to attend sex offender meetings and weekly psychological counseling.

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