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Man Allegedly Dies After Seeing Pregnant Wife Cheating

Man Allegedly Dies After Seeing Pregnant Wife Cheating Promo Image

Rumors abound that a husband in Uganda allegedly collapsed and died on Oct. 1 after seeing his pregnant wife with another man.

David Ntege reportedly passed away upon bumping into his wife with another man at a local restaurant when she was supposed to have been traveling abroad for her education, reports Royal News.

There, Ntege's wife allegedly admitted she only married him in April to get a marriage certificate, reportedly shocking the man who then fell to the floor and died.

He was reportedly buried in the Buyende District of Uganda on Oct. 3.

Despite reports from multiple media outlets, however, his family has yet to confirm the cause of death.

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Meanwhile, Uganda Blizz argues these rumors are not true.

"[It is] said to be false by close pals," writer Sean Musa Carter alleges, while arguing his wife had already returned home from abroad and was "living at home with her husband."

"It’s also further said that David got a blood clot in the head but thought it was a toothache or an ear infection which turned out not to be true and while he was showering one morning, he got a splitting headache," the writer adds. "He drove himself to Nsambya hospital checked himself in and it was then that they realized the blood clot had burst and he went into a comma."

This wouldn't be the first time an alleged affair leading to death captured international attention.

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Millionaire Phil Smith, 52, reportedly killed himself on Feb. 2 after his daughter told him that his wife of 13 years was cheating, The Sun reports.

Rachael Griffin, the Dorset senior coroner, said Smith -- who had previously suffered from a stroke and depression -- was "much loved," but had "troubles at home."

"He never specifically talked about any plans of taking his own life but had talked in the past about not wanting to be here," she added. "He went to a remote area, turned off the tracking device on his car -- he never intended to be found or interrupted. He sent texts on delay which clearly indicated they were making provision for the future, goodbye messages and indicated he had already taken his own life."

However, Smith's wife, Violetta, later said in a hearing that while they were experiencing marital problems, Phil had imagined the affair.

"We had been living together, but we were bickering and arguing so prior to his death Phil moved out and stayed with friends, the Sunday [Jan. 29] before he died," she said. "We had discussed divorce [in July 2016] but decided to work through our issues. He said he loved me and couldn't imagine life without me."

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