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Hundreds Of Refugees and Migrants Flee Police In Hungary, Chaos Erupts (Video)

Hundreds of refugees and migrants broke out of a holding camp on Sept. 8 near Roszke, Hungary, and ran across a cornfield with Hungarian police in hot pursuit (video below).

The refugees — mostly from from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan — were upset about the conditions of the camp where they were being held, reports CNN. There were also migrants and refugees from bordering Serbia.

Hungarian police eventually caught half of the fleeing migrants, and provided them with food and water. The migrants claimed they had been told by officials that buses would transport them from the holding camp to another area. The migrants expected to board trains to Austria and Germany.

Hungarian police have reportedly blocked a road from the holding area to a transitional camp where the migrants can officially become refugees and continue on their trip.

Hungary Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Sept. 7 that large numbers of the migrants are actually immigrants, not refugees, who want "a German life," reports the Daily Mail.

"If they want to continue on from Hungary, it's not because they are in danger, it's because they want something else," Orban stated.

A video (below), posted by YouTube user Desi Gyan, reportedly shows a group of refugees running on a train platform and throwing rocks at a Hungarian train.

YouTube user Immigration Disaster posted a video (below) purportedly filmed at the Keleti train station on Sept. 4 in Budapest, Hungary, where refugees yelled, "F--- you!" and "Allahu Akbar (God is great)!"

WARNING: Contains strong language

Sources: CNN, YouTube (2), Daily Mail / Photo credit: CNN Screenshot


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