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Hundreds Of Bikini-Clad Snowboarders Hit The Slopes (Video)

Hundreds of snowboarders and skiers clad in bikinis and swim trunks hit the slopes at the Sheregesh resort in Siberia, Russia, to set a new record (video below).

In all, 1,498 people dressed in swimwear for the historic moment, The Siberian Times reported on April 24.

Stanislav Konenko, editor-in-chief of the Russian Book of Records, said: "Today's bikini ride had 1,498 skiers and snowboarders. This is 387 more than in 2014, so we have officially registered the new record for Russia."

Snowboarders and skiers came to the Gornaia Shoria region of the Altai mountain range from Siberia, Moscow and St. Petersburg; there were also out-of-country participants from China, U.S., India, France, Italy and Germany.

Kristina Kosinova, a 21-year-old woman from Novosibirsk, won the Miss Sheregesh contest and a $10,000 prize.

There were also plenty of bare-chested men of all ages showing off on the slopes in their swim trunks.

Eduard Nefedev showed off his moves at the ripe old age of 73, while Joel Ketola came all the way from New York City.

The snow season goes from November until May, which is when the warmer spring temperatures allow for the swimwear, according to the Daily Mail.

The World Snowboard Guide says the Sheregesh resort has "the best snow in Russia" with its "famous Siberian frost, lack of apres-ski."

For those tiring of bikinis, the resort is building a Yeti Park, which is the Russian version of Bigfoot; this "abominable snowman" has allegedly been seen in the mountains.

The Yeti Park will include a 60-bedroom hotel complex and a museum devoted to the creature. Visitors will be able to go skiing and Yeti-hunting. 

Igor Idimeshev, deputy head of Sheregesh's local council, stated: "We are building the Yeti Park now, and of course there will be a chance for people who come here to see the creature."

Experts from around the world attended a conference in 2015 about the Bigfoot-type beast at Tashtagol, which is near Sheregesh. Attendees were told that there is a 95 percent chance Yetis lived on Mountain Shoria. Locals said they had seen what appeared to be a Yeti in the Azasskaya cave.

Back on the slopes, The Siberian Times reported on a similar event in April 2015, when bikini-clad gals hit the white powder to set a record with their male counterparts. At the time, a reported 1,835 men, women and children showed up, but it is unclear if it was officially recognized as a record.

Sources: The Siberian Times (2), Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Frank Kovalchek/Wikimedia Commons

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