Houston Police 'Officer Of The Year' Accused Of Working For Mexican Drug Cartel (Video)


Noe Juarez, who was one of the Houston Police Officers Union's "Officers of the Year" in 2009, is accused of working for an infamous Mexican drug cartel, Los Zetas, since 2006. Juarez was caught on video (below) in 2011 allegedly selling rifles to a FBI informant who was pretending to be a drug trafficker.

In April 2015, KPRC 2 News released the video that also shows Juarez allegedly selling information gleaned from the Houston Police Department database.

According to federal agents, Juarez supplied Los Zetas cartel members Efrain and Sergio Grimaldo with guns, bulletproof vests, cars purchased in his name, police scanners and access to the police department database.

Juarez allegedly gave drug traffickers advice on "how to detect police surveillance vehicles," which apparently didn't work on the FBI.

Juarez has been suspended from the Houston police force, and is currently being held without bail in New Orleans where his federal trial is scheduled to take place.

However, Juarez’s lawyer George Murphy wants his client's trial moved from New Orleans to Houston, the Houston Chronicle reported in October.

“All the events at issue, that is, all the events which will be contested in trial occurred in Houston, Texas,” Murphy told a federal court.

The Free Thought Project reported on Jan 1 that newly-released court documents say that Juarez tried to get Efrain Grimaldo, who is Juarez's nephew, released when he was arrested by another cop.

Juarez has insisted that he had no idea that his nephew was part of the Los Zetas cartel.

Sources: KPRC 2 News, Houston Chronicle, The Free Thought Project / Photo Credit: KPRC 2 News Screenshot

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