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House For Sale Comes With A Wife

If you’re looking for a home in Indonesia, a new property is on the market. A two-bedroom, two-bathroom home in Sleman Regency, near the city of Yogyakarta, features a spacious backyard, a fish pond and a wife.

The home’s current owner, Wina Lia, a 40-year-old widow and beauty salon owner, is putting herself on the market along with the single-story house — as long as you don’t try to negotiate the price, 999 million rupiah (about $75,000).

Dian Purna Dirgantara, the realtor who came up with the idea, told Time that his ad has proved extremely popular. “Since yesterday morning there are continuous calls, I don’t count how many, there must be dozens or even hundreds.” He clarified that marriage isn’t a guarantee. “If someone just wants the house, they can have that,” he said.

Lia, a single mother, said she was happy to go along with the plan. “Dian suggested I put up the tagline ‘Buy the house and marry the owner at the same time.’ And I said OK to it. I’m looking for a husband anyway,” she told Kompas.

Lia was stunned by the reaction, but not everyone in the Muslim-majority country was happy with the ad. The police "came to verify the news as they consider it as an improper advertisement. But I explained to them that it was not my idea," she told Agence France-Presse, NDTV reported. 

She didn’t expect the ad to go online. “I told a friend of mine who also works as property agent that if there is a buyer who is a single man or a widower who wants to buy a house, and at the same time look for a wife, he can let me know as I'm also a widow," she said.

Wina said there was one potential buyer, but she declined to provide any more details.

Sources: Time, NDTV, Kompas

Image via Twitter via Time


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