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Hotels Secretly Film Couples Having Sex, Sell Videos

A former employee of a hotel in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, claims that some lodges are secretly filming guests having sex in their rooms with hidden cameras.

The ex-employee claims the creepy practice mostly happens in Harare, the largest city in the country, but also extends to Bulawayo.

"The idea is being engineered by Nigerian business people who install the equipment in the rooms and capture unsuspecting clients in the act," the former employee told

In some cases, the owners of the hotels are unaware that their managers and staff have set up these covert cameras and are making up to $1,000 for one week of sex recordings, The Times (a South African newspaper) reports.

The lodges that most often target people are cheap hotels that charge guests $5 per hour or about $15 per night. The guests are often having sex with local prostitutes.

The unidentified ex-employee told that the prostitutes are sometimes in on the porn plots.

He said that people should beware of hotels that keep lights on all the time and have light curtains.

The ex-worker also says that people should turn off their hotel room's lights and search for hidden cameras with cell phones.

More advice includes not using rooms where the lights "malfunction" and won't turn off, and avoiding prostitutes who demand that their clients change positions (to get good shots on video).

Two prostitutes confirmed to told that the cameras do exist in hotels and they had taken part in the secret filming for $10.

Sources:, The Times
Image Credit: Cassiopeia_sweet


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