Hospital Apologizes To Woman Denied Entry For Wearing Shorts

A Malaysian hospital apologized this week after a woman was mistakenly denied entry into the building simply for wearing shorts on June 16.

In a statement, Sungai Buloh hospital director Dr. Khalid Ibrahim said that the event shouldn’t have happened and that neither the Health Ministry nor the hospital has a mandatory dress code, The Star Online reports. There is no policy that allows discrimination based on clothing.

“We apologize for the incident. We do not bar anyone from entering the hospital because of what they are wearing,” Ibrahim said. “However, we encourage the public to dress decently when visiting patients.”

In a Facebook post, Nisha Daddygal explained that she was denied entrance into the hospital last Tuesday because of her shorts. Apparently, a few security guards told her she could not enter the building. As a result, Daddygal’s father, who wished to only be referred to as Annan, had to borrow a towel from a relative so that his daughter could cover her legs and visit a relative inside.

“I don’t mind if the dress code was for offices or for official functions, but this is different,” Annan, 52, told The Star Online. “If they can impose such a ruling in a hospital, then they can impose it anywhere, even by the roadside.”

Annan reportedly pointed out that a few people in slippers and shorts were allowed into the hospital, but his daughter was denied for some reason. According to Ibrahim, there must have been a “miscommunication” with the hospital guard, who later denied preventing the woman from entering.

Ibrahim noted that the hospital has since filed a complaint with the security company.

Sources: The Star Online, Asia One

Photo Credit: Facebook


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