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Mother Beats 2-Year-Old Son To Get Back At Ex (Video)


Police are investigating a mother who was caught on camera abusing her 2-year-old son to avenge her ex-husband for deserting them (video below).

The shocking clip shows the child, named Sasha, shielding his face and crying as the mother screams at and hits him. As the child, dressed in a white tank and dark shorts, wails out in pain, the woman continues hurling obscenities at him while slapping his body. The video has since been uploaded to YouTube.

The suspect, known only as Tatiana, purportedly recorded the video at her home in the city of Rostov-On-Don in southwestern Russia, before sending it to her ex-husband’s family.

Tatiana was irate when her former partner abandoned them and proclaimed he was filing for divorce. As revenge, she started beating their son Sasha, according to the Daily Mail.

An anonymous relative claiming to have received the video said, “She was blackmailing her husband with these videos and was sending them to his sister.”

Medical workers said that Sasha did not suffer from any permanent wounds, despite being badly bruised.  However, his family is more worried about the mental health repercussions from the beatings.

Sasha’s relatives say he has become withdrawn and refuses to speak to adults. His paternal aunt and grandmother are now in a custody battle for him.

Russian authorities and prosecutors are still examining the case.

Sources: Daily Mail, YouTube / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube

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