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Honduras Authorities Detain Syrians Attempting To Enter US

Syrian nationals were reportedly detained in Central America trying to enter the U.S.

Reuters reports five Syrian nationals were detained in Honduras on Nov. 18 while attempting to cross into the U.S.

Honduran authorities on Nov. 19 said four of the men are university students, and all were seeking refuge in the U.S. Authorities claimed they were not affiliated with "any terrorist cell[s]," and showed no links to the Paris attacks on Nov. 13.

The five men had been using doctored Greek passports to travel.

According to The New York Times, 1,854 Syrian refugees have been admitted into the U.S as of September 2015. During the same period, Germany has admitted 92,991 Syrian refugees.

The U.S Department of State claims the screening process before admitting refugees takes between 18 and 24 months.

Sources: Reuters, The New York Times, U.S Department of State / Photo credit: USASOC News Service/Flickr

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