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Honduran Woman Arrested For Carrying Cocaine In Breast Implants At Airport

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A woman was arrested after she was caught carrying cocaine inside her breast implants at a Colombian airport.

Paola Deyanira Sabillon, a 22-year-old Honduran woman, was reportedly attempting to take a flight to Spain when her apparent nervousness caused officials at El Dorado Airport in Bogota to become suspicious. 

X-rays subsequently revealed that Sabillon recently underwent surgery that involved implanting a substance inside of her breasts that was then unknown to the woman. It was later discovered that the substance was cocaine, and the drug was contained within two latex gloves inside her breasts. 

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After Sabillon confessed to the crime, authorities learned that the procedure took place at a clandestine clinic in western Colombia. The implants were removed at a hospital in Bogota, where Sabillon was also treated for an infection.

Authorities estimated that roughly $238,215 worth of cocaine was implanted inside of the woman.

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Sources: Daily Mail, NBC News

Photo Credit: Daily Mail


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