Man Uploads Videos Of People Having Public Sex (Video)

A homeowner has decided to set up a YouTube channel dedicated to videos of the inappropriate behaviors people engage in around his home (video below).

YouTube user Camoit Mightyram lives near a public park in which people frequently have sex, get drunk, take drugs and engage in other behaviors that they would probably not want to have recorded and broadcasted for the world to see, according to The Mirror. Therefore, Mightyram set up a system of survelliance cameras to discourage people from loitering outside his home.

However, according to the vast video library that Mightyram has accrued on his YouTube Channel, "Caught On My CCTV Cameras," it appears that people are not bothered by the presence of the cameras.

“If your going to get drunk and frisky, don't do it in front of a pole full of surveillance cameras because you are going to be on YouTube,” he wrote in the caption of one of his videos, according to The Mirror.

Mightyram said he believes the people who are taking part in these behaviors may not realize that the cameras are real, much less that the footage is being published on YouTube.

"Once again people doing things in front of my house they won't do in there own place,” he wrote alongside a recent video. "When will they figure out the pole full of CCTV cameras are real.”

It's unclear where exactly Mightyram lives. However, in most U.S. states, public sex is identified as a misdemeanor crime, according to Criminal Defense Lawyer. While some laws directly criminalize sexual activities that take place in a public area, others refer to a variety of crimes such as indecent exposure and lewd conduct.

Indecent exposure concerns the exposure of intimate parts of one’s body, which typically include genitalia and women’s breasts. Lewd conduct consists of public acts that are considered to be indecent or obscene.

Sources: The Mirror, Criminal Defense Lawyer, [2] / Photo Credit: YouTube via The Mirror

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