Maid Pours Urine Into Employer's Juice


A video featuring a maid in the Middle East urinating into a cup of orange juice before serving it has captured international attention (video below.)

The LiveLeak video posted on YouTube on April 26 begins by featuring two maids busy preparing food for the family.

When she’s out of sight, one of the maids quickly urinates into a cup, pours the contents into the juice, and tops it up before carrying on with her other work.

It is unclear if the woman is a housemaid working for a family or a hotel maid from Kuwait.

The YouTube video identifies her as a hotel maid, while the Daily Mail reports she is a housemaid whose family allegedly installed a secret camera to spy on her that day.

It is unclear whether or not the maid was fired after the incident, or what her possible reasons for urinating in the drink may be.

Still, it’s not the first time in April a maid in the Middle East has captured global attention for allegedly urinating in her Emirati employer’s meal, the Khaleej Times reports.

Doctors report the maid’s boss developed a bacterial infection after eating the contaminated food.

"My mother found a bottle that contained a liquid in her room. When my mother dared her to drink it when she said it was a drink,” said the daughter of the victim. "She then told it was urine and she urinated in the bottle as she was too scared to go to the bathroom at night."

She added the maid and her mother had gotten into a fight that day, with the maid threatening to leave.

Later the maid confessed to authorities she has regularly been urinating in the family’s food and drinks.

She was charged on April 13 and arrested, but again changed stories during a court hearing, once again claiming she urinated in the bottle because she was scared to use the bathroom.

The judge said if she was scared, she could take one of the five others housemaids with her to the bathroom which was reportedly close to her room.

The case has been adjourned to the end of May.

Sources: Live Leak via YouTubeDaily Mail, Khaleej Times / Photo credit: LiveLeak via YouTube

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