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Watch: Homeless Man Gives His Life To Save Woman Being Held At Gunpoint (Video)

Erasmo Francisco Rodrigues de Lima, 61, died a hero after giving his life to rescue a woman being held at gunpoint.

On Sept. 4, Luiz Antonio da Silva, 49, entered Sao Paulo Cathedral in Brazil and took clerk Elenilza Mariana de Oliveira as a hostage at gunpoint, according to Buzzfeed. He then held her at gunpoint on the steps of the cathedral (video below).

Da Silva, who confronted de Oliveria while she was praying inside the church, was possibly attempting to rob her when he held a gun to her on the steps of the cathedral while news crews filmed, the International Business Times reported. In the video of the incident, de Lima can be seen smoking a cigarette before charging da Silva, thus giving de Oliveira time to escape.

Da Silva then shoots at de Lima, but de Lima corners him before slumping to the ground and dying on the church’s steps. Da Silva was shot by police and also died, Buzzfeed reported. Prior to his death, da Silva spent 22 years in prison for theft, damage of property and causing bodily harm.

 De Oliveira was injured, but received medical attention.

Thousands of people have called for a burial for de Lima and have asked authorities to honor him. The video of his final act of bravery has since gone viral, having garnered more than 2 million hits as of this writing.

Warning: Graphic Content

Sources: Buzzfeed, International Business Times

Screenshot via YouTube


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