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Hockey Player Throws His Stick To Score Goal (Video)

Vladimir Tkachyov, a Russian hockey player, recently tossed his stick, with a puck stuck on it, to score a shootout goal (video below).

Tkachyov, who plays for Ak Bars Kazan team in the KHL, threw his stick like a javelin into the opposing team's net during a pre-season game, notes The Hockey News.

The sports site said the 23-year-old center's score would not be a legal goal during a normal game.

In 2015-16 season, Tkachyov knocked out 12 goals and 20 points. He also won a bronze medal as part of the Russian team during the 2011 U18 World Juniors and 2013 U20 World Juniors competition.

In more sports news, the New York Post reports that Olympians in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, are taking extra precautions to avoid contracting the Zika virus from mosquitoes.

Mao Yi, a Chinese gymnast, tweeted a picture of her bed enclosed in a mosquito net on July 31.

South Korea's Olympic team is using Zika-resistant uniforms that contain bug repellant. Some of the athletes are also wearing long-sleeved clothing and pants even though it is expected to be 82 degrees when the Olympic Games kick off on Aug. 5

Australia's team planned to wear long-sleeved shirts, but their clothing was apparently taken when the athletes had to evacuate their living quarters due to a fire.

"When I arrived midway through the evacuation, I saw three fire [marshals] walking out with our team shirts," Australian Chef de Mission Kitty Chiller recalled. "I should take back 'fire marshals' -- I don’t know who they were. They were not team members."

Some athletes have pulled out of the games because of the Zika virus.

Jason Day, one of four golfers skipping the Summer Games, said in June: "The sole reason for my decision is my concerns about the possible transmission of the Zika virus and the potential risks that it may present to my wife’s future pregnancies and to future members of our family. I have always placed my family in front of everything else in my life."

Sources: The Hockey News, New York Post / Photo credit: YouTube

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