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Hitman Moves Girl Out Of The Way Before Shooting Target (Video)

Hitman Moves Girl Out Of The Way Before Shooting Target (Video) Promo Image

Video (below) of an alleged hitman in Maracaibo, Venezuela, moving a little girl out of the way before shooting his target is making rounds on the internet. (Warning: The video is graphic.)

In the surveillance video clip, the man enters an eatery and pushes aside a child wandering around near the door, the Daily Mail reports.

After entering the room, he pulls out his gun and shoots the man, who is sitting at a table, four times. The victim, who is wearing a white shirt, collapses to the ground.

It is believed the man who was shot was 34-year-old Climaco Segundo Uriana.

Terrified customers and restaurant employees can be seen cowering in the corner before the gunman runs away.

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The video, which was has been shared widely, drew a range of responses on social media.

A few couldn't help but crack some jokes, with many dubbing the gunman "the caring hitman" and "the gentleman killer."

"It's the little things that tell you the most about people," wrote one person on Reddit.

"Hit man with a heart of gold," wrote a third. "I can see the movie now."

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"An assassin with compassion," joked another.

"It's so nice to see there are still good people in this world :)," sarcastically commented a fourth.

Others were simply baffled.

"I'm so confused emotionally by this," admitted one.

A few were clearly repulsed by the hitman and didn't think the fact he pushed aside the girl meant much.

"I don't think he was being thoughtful," said one. "She was standing in the doorway and he needed to get through. I wouldn't expect him to push the kid into the room he was about to commit a murder in."

It's not the first time a criminal has bewildered many in such a manner.

In 2015, surveillance video captured a handcuffed Florida teenager saving the life of a police officer who was having a heart attack, the Independent reports.

Jamal Rutledge, 17, had been arrested for allegedly violating his burglary and criminal mischief probation when Officer Franklin Foulks fell to the ground at a gas station.

Rutledge immediately yelled and kicked security doors to attract the attention of the other officers so they could respond.

They used defibrillator to try to get Foulks' heart restarted.

Paramedics arrived and took the officer to the hospital. Foulks recovered fully in hospital and planned to return to duty.

Doctors later said Rutledge's quick thinking had saved the officer's life.

A ceremony was later held to honor the teenager.

Sources: Daily Mail, Reddit, Independent / Featured Image: Madison Scott Clary/Flickr / Embedded Images: CCTV via Daily Mail

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