Himalayan Hiker Found Alive After 47 Days Missing


Missing mountaineers Liang Sheng-yueh, 21, and his companion, Liu Chen-chun, 19, were found on April 26, after 47 days lost in the Himalayas. Only Liang survived.

Liang and the remains of Liu were located about 11 a.m. local time by Nepalese authorities. CNN reports that Liang was found conscious next to the remains of his partner in a ravine in the Ganesh Himal route in the Himalayas. Liang and Liu's body were airlifted to Kathmandu.

Liang and Liu, freshmen at Taiwan's Dong Hwa University, had come to Nepal in February from India to meet with friends.

But according to the BBC, the pair experienced difficulties from day one of their journey in Nepal. The pair were missing luggage and regretting their decisions, Missing Trekker reported. Liu even wrote on Facebook: "I wish I had never ended up here."

But despite the difficulties, the pair left their camp in northern Dhading on March 9, without a guide and during a heavy snowfall. It would be the last time anyone reported seeing the duo until Liang was found.

Officials related to the search told CNN the pair had lost their bearings and fallen 100 yards off a cliff into the ravine. They then took shelter in a small cave.

For the first 10 days, the pair survived on what little packed food they had carried with them. For the remainder of their time, which was more than a month, they attempted to survive on salt and melted snow. Liang lost close to 70 pounds and was found with maggots living in his feet and lice in his hair.

Liu did not survive the experience. Liang said Liu died three days before his rescue.

Liang was generally in good spirits when he was found, though mostly he was weak and fatigued.

"I was with him all night (since his rescue)," Madhav Basnet, one of his rescuers, told CNN. "He ate six bowls of soup last night. He kept thanking me."

"In our heads, we never thought they would be alive," Basnet added. "So when we found the boy alive, we got scared for a second. He greeted us by saying 'Namaste.' He was very happy."

Doctors are amazed he was able to survive and report that he is mostly out of danger.

Liang's father will fly to Kathmandu on Friday to see his son, while the Taiwanese government's liaison and consulate continue to handle Liu's case.

Sources: CNN, BBC, Missing Trekker / Photo credit: ignat/Wikimedia Commons

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