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Gaming To Be Added To Curriculum At Norwegian High School

Garnes Vidaregaande Skole (Garnes High School) in Bergen, Norway, is planning to offer an elective esports class to students in August.

Students who enroll in the class will spend five hours a week playing video games, and 90 minutes in physical training to improve their strength and reflexes, notes Ars Technica, citing a report on the Norwegian website

Thirty students will be enrolled in the class, and will split into groups of 15, alternating between video gaming and exercising.

Some of the games that are considered for the first semester are Dota 2, League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The two games to be taught will be selected by students in an online poll.

Students will have to bring their own keyboards, mice and headsets, while the school will provide PCs.

"When it comes to the smaller details regarding homework or how the students will study, this all comes down to the coach for each game," Petter Grahl Johnstad, who manages the school's science department, told Dotablast.

"But the important part for us is to track how the student develops throughout the course," Johnstad added. "We’re making new ground here and much of the course curriculum will be developed in the coming months.

"It is also expected that our students will attend local tournaments here in Norway and we hope to build from there."

When asked about grading, Johnstad said: "Assessing and grading sports skills is always challenging. At our school we already have two team sports – handball and football – with the same difficulties in this regard. Examination will be based partly on theoretical knowledge and partly on gaming skills, ability to cooperate, ability to communicate, mastery of tactics, mastery of strategy, and so forth."

Sources: Ars TechnicaDotablast / Photo Credit: KoS/Wikimedia, Dotablast

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