High Heel-Shaped Church Built To Attract Female Worshippers (Video)


A high heel-shaped church has been built in Budai Town, Taiwan, with the goal of attracting female worshippers (video below).

The shiny blue church was constructed by the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area, according to the Chinese news site Huanqiu.com, notes the Daily Mail. Construction was completed  on Jan. 11.

Local spokesman Zheng Rongfeng said the church will likely open its doors before Feb. 8, the Chinese New Year.

There will be 100 female-oriented features in the church, including chairs designed for "lovers," according to Rongfeng.

It's not clear which religion the church represents, but the 55-foot tall, 36-foot wide house of worship will be available for fairy-tale weddings.

The church took over two months to build, is made of 320 pieces of blue-tinted glass and sits on Ocean View Park near a waterfront.

While many Westerners may think of Cinderella when they see the church, the building's office says that a bride in Taiwan normally wears a high-heeled shoe during a wedding and uses the footwear to break tiles, as a symbol of one part of her life closing and the beginning of her marriage, Christian Today reports.

Sources: Daily Mail, Christian Today / Photo Credit: YouTube

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