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Heroic Firefighter Kicks Suicidal Woman Through Window (Video)

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A Brazilian firefighter was hailed a hero after he kicked a suicidal woman to safety, all of which can be seen in a viral video.

The clip (shown below) shows a woman apparently in the middle of an argument in Fortaleza, a town in northern Brazil. In the footage, the woman sits on a 10th floor apartment window ledge and prepares to jump.

As she stands on the ledge, she speaks to a man on her left.

On the floor above her, a firefighter descends and kicks the woman back through the empty window to safety.

According to one Reddit user, a man says “thank you” in Portuguese at the end of the video in response to the firefighter’s heroic work.

"I think she was praying," another Reddit user added, "and her prayers got answered."

To date, the video has been viewed over 169,000 times.

Sources: NY Daily News, Reddit / Photo Credit: YouTube



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