Woman Posts 'Hate Birthdays' Before Taking Her Own Life


A 22-year-old woman fell to her death hours after celebrating her birthday.

Natasha Wise was found dead on March 15 after falling off a bridge in Manchester, England, at about 5:45 a.m. Just hours earlier, she had been posting Facebook statuses that read, “hate birthdays” and “needing company,” before writing “nvm it’s time.”

Natasha’s father, Alan Wise, told the Manchester Evening News that his daughter was desperately seeking help for her depression for the last 18 months. He said she was found with a suicide note after she jumped to her death.

Alan is now criticizing medics for failing to help Natasha treat her depression. 

According to Alan, Natasha suffered from severe depression and coped with it by abusing substances and self-harming. She eventually visited her doctor to get a referral for counseling to treat her mental illness.

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“The process is a disgrace, it takes months to get going after you’ve seen a GP,” Alan said. “We were told there was a 12 month waiting list -- and that was after six months waiting. They just didn’t seem to realize how desperate Natasha’s situation was.”

Alan added that his daughter was forced to miss an appointment because she changed addresses when she came to live with him, so the process had to start all over again.

“No one seemed to listen,” Alan said.

On March 14, Natasha celebrated her birthday with friends and family. Later that night, she began posting on Facebook, first thanking friends for her birthday messages, then seeking company, before writing, “[I]t’s time.”

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“The depression must have taken hold of her -- it did that, it was very quick sometimes,” Alan said. “She was a lovely, bright and intelligent young girl. The depression just took over her -- and substance abuse got the better of her.”

Many are calling for better mental health care across England following Natasha’s tragic suicide, according to Mirror UK.

Sources: Manchester Evening News, Mirror UK / Photo Credit: Manchester Evening News

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