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Bride Dies In Helicopter Crash En Route To Her Wedding (Video)

Bride Dies In Helicopter Crash En Route To Her Wedding (Video) Promo Image

A shocking video (below) recently surfaced of a bridal party being killed in a tragic helicopter crash in December 2016 in Sao Lourenco da Serra, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

According to, Brazilian news site Globo reported that the footage was discovered by the bride's brother.

The video was filmed inside the helicopter as bride Rosemeire Nascimento da Silva, her other brother Silvano Nascimento da Silva, pregnant photographer Nayla Cristina Neves Lousada, and the pilot Peterson Pinheiro were flying to surprise the groom and the wedding guests.

The video footage shows very cloudy weather as the helicopter shakes during the fateful trip. The bride and her brother, riding in the back passenger seats, appear to be nervous during what would turn out to be the final minutes of their lives.

Near the end of the video, an alarm goes off and the passengers scream as the pilot falls forward. Soon afterward, the helicopter crashes.

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According to the New York Post, Carlos Eduardo Batista, one of the wedding organizers, told Globo how the groom, Udirley Damasceno, and the guests responded to the crash: "He was in shock. Then the other guests knew and no one knew how to act. It was a tragedy."

Batista added: "All brides have a dream and hers was to arrive by helicopter to their wedding without anyone knowing," reports the Daily Mail.

Only about six of the 300 wedding guests knew about the surprise helicopter entrance.

After the helicopter crashed about a mile away in a forest, eight fire engines rushed to the wreckage, but it was too late.

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An independent expert told Globo that the pilot may have been in error while flying through the thick clouds, according to

Officials are studying the video as part of an investigation; the helicopter company would not issue a comment to Globo. readers had plenty of comments to share on the video:

Never fly in foggy weather. Cancel it, wait for clear weather.

If you look at the artificial horizon and navigation map visible in the cockpit moments before the cash you'll see that the pilot banked the helicopter almost 90 degrees and turned almost 180 degrees within a second. This is typical of an unqualified pilot becoming disoriented in no visibility conditions.

Actually, according to our local (brazil) media sources, that helicopter model is certified for instrument flight, but the pilot was too ignorant to use it. Anyway, it's sad to read so many stupid comments in this conversation (i'm not talking about your message). No respect ... even for the dead!

That is what happens to arrogant people who believe in high technology. I have worked with high tech for 40 years and it is neither a toy for divesion nor the salvation of society.

Sources:, New York Post, Daily Mail / Photo credit: philokazaki/Flickr, Versageek/Wikimedia Commons, borsi112/Wikimedia Commons

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