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Hamas Claims Israel Used Dolphin To Spy On Them

Hamas, the militant Palestinian Islamist organization, claims to have captured a dolphin used by Israeli intelligence for spying off the coast of Gaza.

"Israel did not just stop at the bloody attacks against the Gaza Strip," a Wednesday report in Palestinian newspaper al-Quds reads, according to CNN. "Now it has recruited a watery pet, the dolphin, known for his friendship with humans, to use for operations to kill Qassam Brigade Naval Commandos."

The group alleges that the dolphin was found weeks ago with cameras and other spying equipment. 

"The Israeli security apparatus took advantage of dolphins' love for humans, and how the animals like to play with people on the water, or in the depths of the sea, to reach members of the Qassam's marine unit," the article read. 

The Palestinian newspaper also said that the dolphin was "stripped of its will" and made into a "murderer" by Israeli forces, the BBC reported. 

No photographs of the alleged dolphin have been released.

Allegations of using animals to spy, especially by Israel, are not uncommon: Turkish media have reported on birds fitted with tracking devices from an Israeli university in recent years, and stories of Israeli-controlled sharks terrorizing tourists by the Red Sea near Egypt have also emerged. 

Sources: BBC, CNN, Times of Israel

Photo Credit: Reinhard Link/Flickr, Wikipedia


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