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Hamas Leader Mistakenly Posts Pro-Israel Cartoon On Twitter (Photos)

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A confused Hamas leader turned heads after mistakenly posting a pro-israel cartoon on Twitter.

Dr. Basem Naim, a former health minister with Hamas, tweeted the cartoon under the belief that it was making an anti-Israel statement.

Unbeknownst to Naim, however, the cartoon — originally done by the Israel Cartoon Project — was done in defense of Israel and against mistreatment by the United Nations. 

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Lawyer and human rights activist Hillel Neuer was quick to point out the mistake, re-tweeting the post and adding the caption, “Very confused Hamas ex-health minister tweets Israeli cartoon ridiculing UN anti-Israel bias.”

To Naim, the cartoon represented the statement that Israel didn’t deserve U.N. membership because of “war crimes” against Palestine. 

Neuer then attempted to explain the cartoon in depth.

“First, you see how cartoonist showed inaction on world's worst abusers?” he wrote.

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“Second, you see the cobweb on the Sudan shelf, depicting @UN_HRC indifference to Darfur genocide? Third, you see the Hebrew letters where the Israeli cartoonist signed his name, Vladik Sandler?”

Naim ultimately admitted his error, and managed to call Neuer a “lawyer of terrorism” in the process.

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