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Man Nearly Dies After Downing 75 Shots, Keeps Partying

An 18-year-old British tourist who nearly died after drinking 75 shots in a bar on the Spanish island of Majorca says he has no regrets.

“I went out wanting to have a good night with the lads in the knowledge that whatever happens, happens,” Cameron Relf said, reports the Daily Mail. “We had been up for a really large night out -- but that's what you do in Magaluf. We were going on holiday in the first place to have a good time and party.”

Relf spent eight hours hooked to an IV in a hospital after being egged on to keep drinking.

“There were shot girls walking around the bar that we were in and although other people bought a couple off of them, we just couldn't say no and kept getting more,” he explained. “I had about 75 shots in total of Sambuca and caramel vodka. Some of the bar staff were cheering me on and we had made friends with some of the other British tourists out there too.”

When he tried to get back to his hotel room, he collapsed on the sidewalk outside a bar. Paramedics rushed to the scene as shocked passersby stared and took photos.

“The lad was being cocky. He drank them all, one after the other,” one onlooker said, the Daily Star reports. “Within minutes of going outside he collapsed on the street. He was out cold for about 15 minutes until the ambulance arrived.”

The next time Relf would wake up, he was in hospital.

“The hospital staff said that I was incoherent and completely lacked bodily control when I was brought in after drinking so much,” he recalled.

The teenager said his mother was distraught when she heard the news.

'When my mum found out about the trip to hospital she was really worried about me, but I don't think she knows how bad it was,” Relf said.

Still, after taking his health insurance details, doctors released him. He planned to get back to partying quickly.

“I took last night off to recover, but I'm going back out tonight and will probably be drinking pints and Jagerbombs. I'll stay off the Sambuca for a bit,” he said.

Sources: Daily Mail, Daily Star / Photo credit: Daily Star

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