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Groom Arrested For Hiring 200 Fake Wedding Guests

A groom in Shaanxi, China, was recently arrested on his wedding day for hiring 200 people to be wedding guests.

The bride's family asked the groom's family and friends how they knew the groom, identified as Mr. Wang, notes BBC News.

However, the groom's side reportedly told the bride's side that they were "just friends," and gave other vague answers.

When the wedding ceremony began without the groom's parents present, the ruse began to unravel.

The Daily Mail notes that Wang insisted that his parents were on their way as the ceremony was about to start.

The bride's sister asked the groom's "friends" and "relatives" if they knew where the groom's parents were, as seen in a video posted to Chinese site ifeng.

The bride, Ms. Liu, reportedly called the cops on her dear husband-to-be.

The so-called "guests" told Shaanxi TV that they had been paid about $12 dollars to show up and pretend to be Wang's friends and family, reports BBC News.

The fake guests included students and taxi drivers. One hired hand disclosed a conversation that he had with Wang about pay via the social media platform WeChat.

Wang and Liu had been together for about three years, but she was not tipped off by the new friends of her future husband because they reportedly traveled in different social circles.

Some media reports said that Liu's family opposed the marriage because Wang was poor, and so Wang helped his family avoid the public shaming by replacing them.

Chinese social media users on Sina Weibo have wondered how poor Wang could possibly be if he could hire 200 fake guests.

A police investigation into the incident is ongoing, according to the Chinese state news site Xibu Online.

According to the Daily Mail, Wang confessed to the cops that he hired the guests because his family didn't approve of his dear wife-to-be.

Wang's dad reportedly didn't like Liu because she was from a different town.

The Global Times reports that Wang was taken into custody on suspicion of fraud.

"He just kept making phone calls and telling me that they were on their way," Liu recalled.

It was Liu's family who called the cops, notes the Global Times.

"We've been together for so many years, if they didn't approve why they didn't just say so," Liu wondered. "I suspect [the people I met] weren't his parents either. They're all con artists."

Wang is reportedly being held by the police on fraud charges.

Sources: BBC News, Daily Mail, Global Times / Photo credit: Kenneth Lu/Flickr

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