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Grandmother Stops Kidnapping At Hospital In China

A woman inadvertently saved her newborn grandson from a suspected kidnapper at a hospital in the southwest China province of Sichuan. 

The grandmother noticed something was amiss when she saw a woman, identified as Su, leaving the hospital with her grandson’s crib.

Su was allegedly wearing a stolen nurse’s uniform when she walked into an unattended postnatal ward. Su then reportedly grabbed the little boy and rushed towards the exit with him, just as the baby’s grandmother was walking in.

The grandmother then questioned Su, who seemed flustered. The grandmother took the baby back, and Su was about to leave the hospital when she was detained by security.

The surveillance video appears to show the date as Jan. 25. Su is reportedly a suspect in other trafficking cases involving women and children, and she remains in police custody.

Crimes of this nature happen around the world. In May 2014, a woman dressed as a nurse kidnapped a baby from a hospital in Quebec, Canada, The Associated Press reported. The infant in that case was also recovered safely.

Sources: Daily Mail, AP via CBS News / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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